Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wooly Me

Thanks to everyone who gave me some ideas about beating the blues. I ended up spending a bunch of time with Scooter in the backyard sunshine. I also gave myself a break from designing. Instead, I started a new project.

I spent a day trying out needle felting. It took a few hours, but I made a mushroom and a seagull. It was easy and hard at the same time. It's easy to felt the wool into a shape. But I had the worst time trying not to poke red wool through the white side of the mushroom. Although the actual process is pretty relaxing.

I've also decided that I am going to knit a few things that I haven't designed. This sweater for one. I just have half of the back and two sleeves to finish. I'm a bit worried about it being too small.... but I think blocking is really going to loosen up the fiber. I also want to give socks another try. I still haven't managed to make a pair that fit. (Justin and Dad haven't minded though. They each got a pair of socks out of my poor swatching)

I also started reading Black Beauty. I haven't really read anything in such a long time, it's been nice to dive into a good story.

My parents came back from New Zealand yesterday as well. They brought all sorts of goodies. Some were from them, some were from friends in New Zealand.

My Mum told me that one of our family friends had sent something that fully represented me. He had it since 1964, but thought I ought to have it. Admittedly when she said that it was essentially me, I thought to myself, "It would have to be a picture of someone knitting for it to be 'Me'." I'm glad I only thought it, because this little wooly knitter really is me. In fact, it might be a better representation of me than a self portrait would be.


WildflowerWool said...

The needle felting looks fun. I love the knitter!

Anonymous said...

Your needle felting is so cute!

I'm sorry you've been feeling a little down. I think you're going about it fixing it the right way though. Comparing yourself to others is always depressing. Starting out with a business of your own is also a lot of pressure on yourself and you're bound to be feeling a wee bit blue on occasion. Success is a hard slog. I think you're amazing - you're doing what you love and have been brave enough to take that step, and that's always the hardest thing.

Have you thought of asking a fellow designer/yarn business person to be your mentor? Sometimes it really helps to be able to talk issues through with someone who has experience that they can share with you. I often think I'd love to have a mentor.

Hope that helps. Hang in there!


Anonymous said...

The little knitter is adorable! I also turn to books and knitting I don't have to spend too much thought on when I'm blue. Add a cup of nice coffee and you'll be feeling better in no time :)

hellokirsten said...

how did you make the mushroom? I want to make a felted mushroom forest! Complete with frog prince.

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