Sunday, May 29, 2011

I've Got The Blues

I've been feeling a little blue recently. Nothing serious. It just seems like there is a little cloud over my head. I know what caused it too and I'm a little embarrassed to admit the cause... since it's a bit stupid. But I was comparing myself to others again. I was looking at blogs, noting how long they've been going and how many people follow them. Perceiving other people as more successful is a recipe for depression, let me tell you. (It's silly because right now, there is nothing going wrong in my life. I'm following my passion, ie. writing knitting patterns, I'm not hungry, cold, or sick... etc.)

So I've spent the last two days trying every trick in the book to cheer myself up and then some. I had friends over for dinner, drinks, and a movie. My movie choice was praised by all as an great choice. (I'd watched the movie before, so I knew that already, but it was nice to hear it.)

I've been wearing cheerful socks.

I've gone for two bike rides, 16 miles each. I figured that maybe I could exercise the sadness out of me. It hasn't worked just yet, but I might try again tomorrow.

Last night I managed to figure out a pattern problem that has eluded me since January. (Of course a new problem materialized, but it was nice to get past the first problem.)

I finished my mitten design and even fixed the thumb problem I'd been having. (On a separate note, I've got some test knitters interested testing this pattern, but I'm always looking out for new test knitters to add to the pool... so if anyone is interested... I know the picture isn't terribly descriptive, but the mittens are based on the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.)

Last night I even made cookies. A sure fire way to feel better. Usually.

So I'm out of ideas beyond just waiting for the feeling to pass. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm open to them.


Hillary Rose said...

Playing with animals always helps me. I recently got a pass to the zoo and just watching animals play and look carefree helps me shake a case of the blues.

Anonymous said...

Maybe more sunshine?

Anonymous said...

Yes, sunshine! Or multivitamins.

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