Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Un-Vacation

The yarn for Giant Super Secret Knitting version 2 showed up yesterday. And after having a major freak out about finishing things, it became apparent that the only way to solve a multitude of problems was to cancel every commitment I have made. Including the fun ones. Luckily most everyone was ok with it. Anyways, this is my long-winded way of saying that I am giving myself permission not to post anything on my blog for a month. In fact, the only things I am giving myself permission to do is 1. Go to work, 2. Work on the Giant Super Secret Knitting, 3. Work on camp stuff, and 4. Cuddle with Scooter. Everything else has been canceled due to sanity reasons.
The view from my window a few nights ago

By my calculations, the secret knitting/pattern writing, which has a hard deadline, is going to take over 100 hours to finish. I'm also in charge of creating crafts for: 2 weeks x 90 campers each week x 5 days of crafts each week. Although I only need to prep for around 25 campers a day since crafts is during free time and the pool is open. Lots of kids like the pool. All these things have to be done in about a month.
This isn't to say I might not pop on if I have something to share, but I thought I'd let you guys all know not to worry if you don't hear from me for a bit. I'm having an un-vacation.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mitten Awakening

I haven't quite decided what the skein of Tanglebella wants to be just yet, so I have lined up my next braid of roving to spin. I'm rather proud to say that when I pulled the braid in half, I was able to separate it with only a 2g difference. This time I have a better plan of what I'm going to do. All going well, I will spin the two mini braids separately, then chain ply them into two skeins. If it looks like I have a decent amount of yarn, I'll make a pair of Denature socks. I've been wanting to make those socks for awhile, but I'd had a hard time finding playful yarn that would still show off the pattern. I don't know about all of you, but DNA screams robin egg blue, meadow green, dirt brown and blood red to me. For those who would like to know, it's Polwarth from Woolgatherings. And after checking my etsy account to see what this braid was (because I was too lazy to get up and walk 10 feet to get the tag) I found that I had bought it August 3, 2010. Sigh. If only that was the oldest thing in the stash....

I have pulled my Druid Mittens out of hibernation. I was rather inspired to work on them after my post about how I had only one project on the needles. I will be ripping out the mitten on the left. The cuff is too big and the hand is too small. The one on the right is much, much better. The cuff is a little tight to get over my hand, but it fits my wrist perfectly. Believe it or not, both cuffs were knit with the same size needle and have the same number of stitches. But the left one was done with one circular (and a beer in me) and the right one was done with double circulars (and no beer).

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Socks Rock

I've finished up with the Mediumweight Socks That Rock in the Farmhouse colorway. And my socks do rock. I could post a million pictures of them, but I'll just give you a link to the ravelry project page instead. I just improvised the design, but I'm toying with the idea of releasing a pattern anyways. The big question is should it be a pay-for, freebee, or should I not worry about writing up an official pattern.

I also finished up my sock yarn. As much as I wanted the barber pole effect, I had that nagging feeling that the yarn really would have been too light weight. So I went with a navajo ply instead. I'm much happier with the weight. Originally when I was going to do a 2-ply, I had planned to do another pair of ribbed socks. Now I'm not too sure. This yarn will have definite stripes, so it could hold up to a pattern. Does anyone have any good suggestions for a sock pattern that would work with striped yarn? Or should I go ahead and just do another pair of ribbed socks? I would like this to be an easy pattern since this was going to be my relaxing knit. And I'm not tired of ribbing. But I want to match the best pattern I can to this skein. (If anyone is curious, the braid this skein came from can be seen in my Stitches West 2011 post. It's the braid with the really bright yellow by Tanglebella. There was white hiding out in the braid, so the skein isn't as vibrant.)

And after many hiccups and trips to the frog pond, design #8 is almost done. I just have to weave ends and block. (And do the computery bit of the pattern, but I'm not going to count that towards the pattern being nearly done.) That means I only have two more patterns to go! They are both going to be large projects and I have another large secret project that is about to start. So it will still be awhile yet. But still. Two more patterns!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Scooter's Pink Shirt

First things first. Scooter's tumor tested as benign. What a relief. It's still good it was removed, but it's nice to know that he is cancer free.
On the last Scooter post I wrote about the pink shirt we've put on him at night to keep him from itching his wound. Scooter normally hates wearing anything. Putting a dog sweater on Scooter will result in dirty looks and pacing. He won't stop pacing and giving the stink-eye until you remove the offending garment. I think it's partly because he is intelligent enough to know he looks stupid and partly because it makes his fur feel funny. But, for some inexplicable reason, he is enthusiastic about the pink shirt. He will run over when you hold the pink shirt and push his head through the head-hole.

Current theories for his change-of-heart in regards to clothing is that the shirt smells like me. (It was a favorite of mine when I was little) Or it makes his shaved spot feel good. He did have a mean case of razor burn, so maybe the shirt protected it a bit. We really don't know. Feel free to share your own theories as to why Scooter loves (and I do mean loves) his pink shirt. I'm not quite sure what we are going to do once the wound has healed.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Goal #4: Make Handspun Socks

For the last few years I've made a goal list at the beginning of the year. Usually after I make it, I ignore it until I do my year in review post. I just like to see if my beginning-of-the-year goals match what I actually ended up doing. This year is going to be a little different. I peeked at this year's goals a little early and have decided to actually try to complete #4: Knit a pair of sock with my own hand spun yarn.

I've heard of spinners not liking the barber pole effect that handspun yarn often has. I personally love it. There are very few yarns that I have spun where I didn't want that to happen. Here's the problem. I may have spun the singles a little thin for it to be a two ply. I could chain ply it, but not only would I not get the color effect I want, I'm not really sure how much yardage I would have. (It'll probably become a two ply and I'll just have tiny yarn.) Although any encouragement/ thoughts on the yarn would be appreciated. And for those who might like to know, it's a BFL from Tanglebella. And yes, I did realize (halfway through of course) that it isn't superwash, so it isn't terribly practical for socks. Oh well.

Monday, May 14, 2012


Thanks to everyone for all the warm wishes in regards to Scooter's recovery. He has been running around like nothing has happened to him. Hopefully he'll remain happy when we go back the vet to get his stitches out in the next week or so.
Now I'd like to confess something. I bought more yarn. Again.
A couple weeks ago right after Knit/Crochet blog week finished, Pumpkin Spins said I ought to treat myself to some yarn. I had to admit to her that I already had. But if you saw Tosh Sock in the Plaid Blanket colorway, could you leave it behind? I even checked ravelry to see how it knit up. It doesn't pool in socks. No pooling. None.

Then when I walked into work, we had a shipment of Handmaiden in the Casbah base ( merino/cashmere/nylon - machine washable!) laying on the back table. I usually don't buy red yarn. But this was pretty. And shiny. And other people said that they would buy it if I didn't. I didn't realize I could become territorial over a skein. I think I'll make a pair of Smaug Socks out of it.

Whew. I feel much better getting that off of my chest. This blog is almost like an accountability partner. No more yarn. I swear. Not for.... at least a week.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Scooter's Surgery

I'd been wanting to add another blog post for the last few days, but I just didn't know quite what to say. There was a big, scary event that was going to happen, and I didn't really want to say anything until it was all over. We'll start the entire story from the beginning. (A good place to start). On Monday we took Scooter to his annual vet appointment. While we were there we pointed out the different lumps and bumps he's gotten just to make sure he was ok. The doctor was a bit concerned about the small lump under his left front arm. Just to be sure it was ok, they took a sample and sent it to be tested.
His day-before-surgery bath. No need to be stinky at the vet's office.

On Wednesday we got a call saying the the test was inconclusive, but the bump looked like it was starting to form spindle cells, which meant it might be starting to spread. Just to be safe, they wanted to take the lump out with a wide margin. So Scooter had his surgery scheduled for Friday. Mum and I got up early to drop Scooter off. We were told to call at 3pm to see if Scooter was ready to be done. Of course we called promptly at 3 and were told that Scooter was ready to come home. The poor guy spent the rest of the day sleeping.
He really could not keep his eyes open after coming home.

It's been less than 24 hours since Scooter had his surgery and he is already acting as if he hadn't even been. We were told that if he messes with his stitches, put a shirt on him. The only shirt that we could find that would fit was one I wore when I was 5. He doesn't seem too phased by his silly attire. And I know this is a sleeping picture, but we knew he was fine because he's been racing all over the house and barked at the mailman. He's just pooped himself out after doing his normal dog stuff.

The only thing to wait for now is a call from the lab to see if they managed to remove everything. I really hope they did because I really love my little buddy.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sock Hop

After writing yesterday's post, I was super motivated to finish up the Boromir socks. Ta Da! Finished Boromir socks. Blocked and all.

I spent all my time from when I put up yesterday's post until midnight. It was worth it. I feel great having a finished project that isn't The Book related.

And as I said, I would cast on something new as soon as I finished the Boromir socks. This is a going to be a pair of ribbed socks out of Socks That Rock medium weight in the colorway Farmhouse. And I'm just in love with how the color is striping. 

And I knit up the very last swatch for design #8 for The Book. I'll be casting on for this project shortly. The yarn is Madelinetosh DK in the colorway Cousteau.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Only One Project On The Needles

I only have one project left on my needles. How often can a knitter say that? And I'm being extremely monogamous with this project because I'm embarrassed that I haven't finished it yet. I only have two and a half pattern repeats before I get to start the toe! But I finally figured out why I hadn't finished my second Boromir sock. I have learned that even though doing slip stitches might make a foot more durable, it messes up my gauge in a mighty way. This might not be the case for everyone. I would still highly recommend the pattern because it is just wonderful, but I don't think I'll ever put a slip stitch foot on any sock ever again. (But aren't the socks gorgeous?)

Now I know what you are all thinking. Only one project? There is no way that someone who knits as much as Audry does (and owns as much yarn as she does) can possibly have only one project on the needles. Well, in the interest of full disclosure, I will share the projects that "don't count." The first is Sound of Waves by Kieran Foley. I have great respect and admiration for Kieran. His patterns are inventive and beautiful. I also think that the yarn pairing of mulberry silk lace (colorway Glacier) from Silk and Shine is wonderful. But I just stopped having fun knitting it. So this project doesn't count because there are no needles attached to it (only a cord) AND because if I were to find another pattern, I would rip it. I just haven't the heart to rip this out yet.

The other project that "doesn't count" is my Druid mittens. I had trouble with the gauge on this one too. I finally got the cuff to fit right, but the hand is too tight. So this doesn't count because I'm still figuring out how to fix it AND because it's on waste yarn. No needles attached. (See what I did there. Only one project ON the needles.)

I do know what I'm going to cast on for the minute I finish the Boromir socks. Actually, I plan on casting on two things. Design #8 for the book, and a pair of 2x2 ribbed socks using a skein I bought from Stitches West this year. I really could use a simple, simple knit to use up some yarn and clear my mind.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Last week I finally got out of town for a few hours for the first time in three months. I don't think I had gone further than 5 miles in those three months, so it was nice to go out for a bit. And I got to check out a new-to-me yarn shop: Fengari.

They have a lot of everything. A huge selection of books, yarn, buttons. Mum and I spent an hour at the shop. There was so much to look at and touch. Even though it was an hour, it only felt like we'd been there for five minutes by the time I was done. Mum had a difference of opinion... it felt like an hour to her.

And as always, my strategy of "I'll just look" failed miserably. I got a skein of Colinette JitterBug in the Velvet Olive colorway. I kept seeing the name of that yarn pop up, and I'd never tried it out. I also purchased a skein of Malabrigo Arroyo in the Archangel colorway because it was pretty. Then I had to get the new Knit Traditions magazine. You know how it goes. But the real highlight was the basket.

I'd been on the lookout for a basket to put yarn in, but I could never get over the idea of a basket snagging my yarn. This basket, by Lantern Moon, is lined! And it even has a drawstring closure. Everything that is in the loot picture is still in the basket.
This is the medium sized basket.

I moved all the yarn that had been in a banker box on my floor over into the basket. Mum passed by my room and said "That basket really does look good." So I'd say that it was a successful purchase.
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