Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Study On Cat Behavior

I did a little photo shoot with Brennan and Justin in the Black Cat Hat the other day. Initially the boys had a bit of trouble doing cat activities. They both said it was because, "Cats don't do anything."
Alas, poor Yarnick. (Full credit goes to Brennan for that pun)

I did the shoots separately. What was so funny about it is that both Justin and Brennan did the same thing. Observe exhibit A. Cats make funny faces while playing yarn.

Exhibit B. Cats have mad faces.

Exhibit C. Cats lick stuff.

Scooter joined in on the fun. I think he might be part cat.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Labels Are Only The Beginning

I've made some labels for my knitting and it only took forever. Photoshop decided to close on me right as I was saving. How kind. Even though the tag is based on my blog header, it still had to be made nearly from scratch so that all the trees and type would fit.
Looks familiar doesn't it.

I was happy to find that I had some ribbon. I knew that one day my obsessive yarn/ribbon hoarding would come in handy.
The collection has grown since this photo was taken

I took the cowl and headband to the farmer's market. I brought an extra tag for the bear hat I brought by last week, but as it ends up a half hour after I left, it was bought.

I'm hoping to open an etsy store some time in the near future. Labels down. Everything else to go.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Of Knitting and Birthdays

More knitting for the Farmers Market. I initially frogged this cowl a few rounds in. I'm happier with the end result. For those of you who are unfamiliar with knit-speak: Frogged = Unraveled.

The cowl is so comfy. Perfect for cold weather. Too bad it has warmed up over the last two days. I much prefer winter to spring. Too many spring allergies for my liking.

After I finished the cowl I had just a bit of yarn left for a cute little headband, which I knit twice. The first draft didn't show off the pattern very well, so I decided to knit some cables into it. A little crochet flower helped to embellish the piece.

My birthday was two days ago. I had a bunch of friends over to eat food and watch movies (Demolition Man and The World Is Not Enough).
So heavy

Forty-eight inches of sandwichy goodness. My favorite. Turkey Avocado.

A.J. commented that people reading my blog might believe that I would go to the trouble of pretending to have two twenty-four inch sandwiches. I thought that was silly, but just in case, here is A.J. grabbing a piece of sandwich.

Scooter had a lovely day too. I should note that moments ago Brennan made a joke about Scooter listening to Pet Sounds (by the Beach Boys). Haha...

Friday, February 12, 2010

This Year's Birthday Wish List

So my birthday is coming up (Feb 15th). I thought I'd make a fun little things that are neat but I can't justify buying myself list. I'm not a big collector of stuff. Or at least I try not to be. So most of the items would be actively used.

#1) A laptop case. I am currently using a mailer to keep my laptop safe. That's right. A padded mailer. Here's what I'd love to replace the mailer with.
A Book Book. 15 inch please. Color doesn't matter.

#2) This awesome bag that I would totally use for knit night.
No fake wooden handles here.

#3) This beautiful Cloud yarn this is seriously always sold out when I look for it. I know I could custom order it, but I just haven't.
I love clouds. I love yarn. How perfect is cloud yarn?

#4) Really cool argyle sweater.
If I owned this sweater, it would be on regular rotation. I'd probably make a hat to match.

#5) This one is a little silly. I just am partial to lanterns. I don't how actively I'd use it, but it sure is neat to look at.
I'd probably do some sort of photo shoot (or twenty) with it.

#6) I really want to learn how to spin yarn. But until I learn, I don't really know what I'd want to go along with that. I suppose I'd want a spinning wheel at some point if I liked spinning. I'd probably get a saxony style wheel (fairy tale style spinning wheel). Possibly a Kromski Prelude. Although I don't know too much about spinning wheels yet.
But for now I'd be happy with lessons.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Suffolk Sheep Hat

It has been done for awhile, but I finally got around to taking pictures of... The Sheep Hat. It is a suffolk sheep.
Justin acting like a sheep. Eating. Because that is what sheep do.

This is the second time I've made a sheep hat. The first time didn't have the black brim. It was a gift for my Dad. My Mum suggested that I add a black brim. I think it makes the hat look much better.

I find it amusing that my models channel whatever animal the hat is. Brennan growled a bunch like a bear. Justin pretended to eat things.

I chained Scooter up while I was outside taking pictures. He was a little sad that he couldn't go around the garden to sniff.

I let him off leash earlier, but he ran away. Our backyard isn't fenced in, which makes his whole "Having an adventure" attitude a bit of a problem. I take him for nice long walks. He just has lots of energy for some reason. You would think a seven year old dog would have calmed down a bit.
Scooter decided to sit in the weeds for a bit.

I finished another bear hat last night. It has some pattern adjustments. I've done three now.

I have one more, but the ears aren't on just yet. I've got to finish before the farmer's market on Saturday.

On a side note, I noticed that one of our outdoor rugs has plants growing in it.
How odd.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bear Hats Are Totally Awesome

I finished the bear hat (both versions) last night. After I finished, Justin and I went to the local dive bar to see our friends, the Magi-Kool Doods, play. I wore the dark brown bear hat. The bouncer complemented it.
The knitting champ

While I was at the pub, I delivered a hat made for C. A cute little black/ charcoal/ purple stripe hat.
Thanks to Brennan for modeling every single hat ever

This morning I brought the hats to the farmers market to show Jane. She tried on the bear hat right away.

Jane runs the Yolo Wool Mill. She spins all the yarn and the bear hats are made of. It only took two skeins to make the two hats. (I almost ran out of the dark brown, but made it with a few yards to spare.) Jane sells all sorts of neat fiber related things at her booth.
Some Merino sheepskins for sale

I love looking at (and touching) all the yarn. I couldn't help myself this week. I bought two more skeins to make more bear hats. You know... so I can check my pattern.
Yarn. My favorite.

Later on Brennan and I did a photo shoot with the bear hats.

I set up the tripod because we were losing light. As a result, when I flipped through the pictures, they started looking like an animation.

I couldn't help myself. I ended up making a few animation in photoshop. The images were too funny.

Plus Brennan is a funny guy. You should check him out at his blog, Skellington's Day Out.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Handmade Momiji

I recently got my Momiji doll back.

Her name is Mindy. She was for a Momiji contest. Unfortunately, I didn't place.

I wasn't going to pay to have her shipped back, but my Mum wanted her.

It was lots of work, but I'm still happy with the overall results. The hat was based on a hat I've wanted to make at full size. After I finished the miniature hat, I was convinced that a full size one would have taken less time. On average, each piece of coral took about an hour.

I kind of want to make a full size fish sweater for myself. It ended up much cuter than I thought it would.

I'll admit that I'm still a little bitter that I didn't even place in the top twenty. Better luck next time.

At least I have a cute little octopus pattern now.

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