Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Of Knitting and Birthdays

More knitting for the Farmers Market. I initially frogged this cowl a few rounds in. I'm happier with the end result. For those of you who are unfamiliar with knit-speak: Frogged = Unraveled.

The cowl is so comfy. Perfect for cold weather. Too bad it has warmed up over the last two days. I much prefer winter to spring. Too many spring allergies for my liking.

After I finished the cowl I had just a bit of yarn left for a cute little headband, which I knit twice. The first draft didn't show off the pattern very well, so I decided to knit some cables into it. A little crochet flower helped to embellish the piece.

My birthday was two days ago. I had a bunch of friends over to eat food and watch movies (Demolition Man and The World Is Not Enough).
So heavy

Forty-eight inches of sandwichy goodness. My favorite. Turkey Avocado.

A.J. commented that people reading my blog might believe that I would go to the trouble of pretending to have two twenty-four inch sandwiches. I thought that was silly, but just in case, here is A.J. grabbing a piece of sandwich.

Scooter had a lovely day too. I should note that moments ago Brennan made a joke about Scooter listening to Pet Sounds (by the Beach Boys). Haha...


Katie said...

wait! where did you get those giant sandwiches?

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