Sunday, February 21, 2010

Labels Are Only The Beginning

I've made some labels for my knitting and it only took forever. Photoshop decided to close on me right as I was saving. How kind. Even though the tag is based on my blog header, it still had to be made nearly from scratch so that all the trees and type would fit.
Looks familiar doesn't it.

I was happy to find that I had some ribbon. I knew that one day my obsessive yarn/ribbon hoarding would come in handy.
The collection has grown since this photo was taken

I took the cowl and headband to the farmer's market. I brought an extra tag for the bear hat I brought by last week, but as it ends up a half hour after I left, it was bought.

I'm hoping to open an etsy store some time in the near future. Labels down. Everything else to go.


Katie said...

Way to go on the tags! You should claim your Etsy username now, there are so many people joining the site you may not get the name you want if you wait.

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