Friday, February 12, 2010

This Year's Birthday Wish List

So my birthday is coming up (Feb 15th). I thought I'd make a fun little things that are neat but I can't justify buying myself list. I'm not a big collector of stuff. Or at least I try not to be. So most of the items would be actively used.

#1) A laptop case. I am currently using a mailer to keep my laptop safe. That's right. A padded mailer. Here's what I'd love to replace the mailer with.
A Book Book. 15 inch please. Color doesn't matter.

#2) This awesome bag that I would totally use for knit night.
No fake wooden handles here.

#3) This beautiful Cloud yarn this is seriously always sold out when I look for it. I know I could custom order it, but I just haven't.
I love clouds. I love yarn. How perfect is cloud yarn?

#4) Really cool argyle sweater.
If I owned this sweater, it would be on regular rotation. I'd probably make a hat to match.

#5) This one is a little silly. I just am partial to lanterns. I don't how actively I'd use it, but it sure is neat to look at.
I'd probably do some sort of photo shoot (or twenty) with it.

#6) I really want to learn how to spin yarn. But until I learn, I don't really know what I'd want to go along with that. I suppose I'd want a spinning wheel at some point if I liked spinning. I'd probably get a saxony style wheel (fairy tale style spinning wheel). Possibly a Kromski Prelude. Although I don't know too much about spinning wheels yet.
But for now I'd be happy with lessons.


Julia-Rose said...

That cloud yarn looks like cartoon clouds! Amazing

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