Friday, May 13, 2011


I use to spend more time than I'd care to admit to clicking through my favorite blogs waiting for an update. What a time waster. After that phase, I used the blogger feature that showed the most recently updated blogs in my sidebar, but that just made my blog look messy. I've now found the solution, and I'd like to share it with those who are not in the know.
I've been using Bloglovin', which is a site that lets you know when your favorite blogs have updated.

After making an account, you can find blogs by searching in the "search for a blog" bar, or you can check out the many, many categories to find new blogs.

Once you start following blogs, the magic happens. When a new post is up, you'll see a number next to "New Posts" on the top bar of the site. Click on that and you'll see the new posts. Old posts that you have already read will be grayed out.

When you click on the post, a new window will pop open. At the bottom of the window there is a bloglovin' bar. You don't have to click between the bloglovin' site and each new post. You can simply click "Next". The bloglovin' site will record that you have read that particular post and it will be grayed out. For posts that you particularly like, there is a "like" button. On the bloglovin' site, you can see the list of posts you liked. I enjoy the using the feature when I want to go back to a page at a later date. It is easier than having a million bookmarks.

Not sure who to follow? Never fear, I have some suggestions. (The following buttons will link you to the bloglovin' page of each respective blog) In no particular order...

I Go By Katie is one of my favorite blogs to follow. You will get a daily dose of beautiful pictures, cute objects, neat project ideas. And weekly she suggests another beautiful blog to follow.

A Lost Feather is another fun place to go. Sarah regularly talks about the fun adventures she has had around the US, posts a weekly photo project, and has a cute jewelry line to boot.

And here is one of my more recent regular reads. One Sheepish Girl aka Meredith writes about her knitting projects (and photographs them beautifully). She also finds the most amazing knit related artwork and objects. (I may be a bit jealous that I don't find those knits before she does)

And if you aren't following me already, I'm also on bloglovin'. Happy reading!
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Anonymous said...

I've been using Google Reader for about a year now, for just the same reason. Bless those aggregators for doing all the hard work for us ;)

Anonymous said...

That's an excellent introduction to Blog Lovin'. Thanks! I might try it out. It might making keeping up to date with everyone's blogs a little easier!

A Lost Feather said...

i use bloglovin and google reader.. i wish you could comment while in google reader, that would make life much easier!

thaaaank you for suggesting my blog :) ah and for the healthy tips.. i love the one about waiting 20 mins after a meal before deciding i'm still hungry.. that seriously is always the case with me. i'll eat dinner then 2 minutes later i'm eating candy because i still feel hungry! i'm definitely going to apply this rule!

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