Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Five Stages

Last night I was chugging along with my sweater sleeve. Life was dandy. This is the closest I've ever gotten to completing a sweater. As I finished up the last increase, it dawned on me that the sleeve seemed, well... a little long. Then I reread the instructions, which said "repeat increases 5 times" Not 10 times like I did. This also meant that I had 10 stitches more than I needed. I went through the 5 stages in about 5 minutes.

1. Denial: 10 stitches. That's not too many. If I do lots of extra math the extra stitches won't matter. It's like ease, right? Maybe I can make the sleeve a bit shorter when I block it.

2. Anger: Why did I not notice the "five repeats" bit? What kind of dummy am I? The kind that can't read. That's what.

3. Bargaining: I'll do the other sleeve the same. The sleeves will match. All I need is to grow my arms out about two more inches. That's all. Two inches.

4. Depression: Why should I even bother finishing this sweater. I've never finished a sweater. Why will this be any different?

5. Acceptance: At this point I ripped out 40 rounds of stitches and started knitting again.

It's irritating, but I spent far too much on this yarn not to finish the sweater AND have it fit. Plus kiwipurler sent me extra yarn to finish the sweater. And I even bought buttons the other day. I will finish this sweater. It will be awesome. And I have regained the ability to read now, so I will only increase five times, not ten.


K A said...

you could blame it on knit night amnesia! :)

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