Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Third Sock Attempt

It took me awhile to decide what pattern my third sock attempt should be. I knew I wanted to do toe-up since the last two pairs I've made were top down and they didn't fit me. I decided to go with the Leyburn pattern by pepperknit.

I figured that if the yarnharlot has made multiple copies of this sock, it must be good. I can confirm that it is indeed a rad pattern. It is easy and interesting. And pretty. Let's not forget that. I've made a few mods so that the sock would fit me better. So far so good.

Actually, the sock seems loose to me, but I'm thinking that I'm use to clingy polyester socks. I don't know what a good knit sock should feel like. This sock isn't baggy or anything. It just isn't suffocating my foot like other socks do. All you sock knitters out there, how are knit socks suppose to feel?


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