Sunday, June 12, 2011

Biking Your Way To A Better Tomorrow

I thought I'd actually start tracking my progress now that I have the new bike. And I thought I would share the sheet with all of you as well. The more the merrier! Just click on the image to get to the picasa web page where you can download the file to make a full size print. The download button will be in the top right hand corner area.

Categories include the usual date/ time/ distance categories. I also added an average speed, a route name (if you have a name for a route), and a # of people that said Hi. One one ride I got three... but it was on the old bike.

I've really enjoyed reading everyone's biking nickname suggestions. (In my blog comments, on facebook, and a few from my Mum) You guys suggested The Black Panther, The Bandit, The Bear-Eared Wonder, John Matrix, Jane Matrix, The Knitting Ninja, Knit Maven, and Kninja. I ended up introducing my Mum to babelfish to see if any names would sound cooler in a different language. At which point we came up with "The Dark Rider". I'm rather partial to it. It's descriptive yet a wee bit mysterious. I'm still open to new ideas, or votes for the current suggestions.


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