Saturday, June 18, 2011

Scooter's Annual Damage Report

Scooter manages to damage himself once a year. One year he scratched his cornea after digging and then rubbing his eye. Another year he got two ticks in his ear. Then there was the time he got a splinter in his chin from running into the fence while he was yelling at the neighbor's dog. This year he had a sore spot on his foot that he wouldn't leave alone.

In an effort to avoid another vet bill, we decided to patch him up. A bit of Desitin, gauze, and some tape kept him from licking his paw.

Scooter is a bit picky about having clothing, or anything else for that matter, on him. I think it makes his fur feel funny. But after the cornea incident, we've developed a way to keep him from ripping off gauze or rubbing his eye.

We taped a baby sock with grippy feet (we have wood floors) to his foot. I must say, it subdues him quite a bit. He spends more time moping than he does nibbling on the sock. The added bonus is how funny he looks with a little baby sock on his foot, especially when I walk him around the neighborhood.
Scooter's foot has healed since the mopey picture was taken. No vet bill. Yay!


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