Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Got Thanked For Using Yarn

The other day I was looking through the various comments left on this blog. (Thanks for leaving them everyone. It makes me feel super special!) I noticed this one left on my post about the Fireside Sweater.
I got thanked for using yarn! That's like being thanked for breathing.

You're welcome. I love Zealana yarns. (I have some more stashed away for other lovely projects) I think it is important to support New Zealand yarns, especially those with possum content. I'm part Kiwi after all. If you don't know why possum yarn is important, check out kiwipurler's post on the matter.

On a different note, has anyone ever submitted a proposal to a publication or yarn company? I've heard that you can get "pattern support" aka, yarn.


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