Friday, May 16, 2014

Something A Bit Different - 5KCBWDAY5

For Day 5 of knit/crochet blog week the prompt is: It’s the annual challenge to blog in a way different to how you normally blog.

I've decided to do a yarn binge retrospective. I'm considering a yarn binge any time I've bought a bunch of yarn at the same time for multiple unrelated projects. (It isn't a yarn binge when I go out and buy a bunch of skeins for a single sweater.) I'll be covering all recorded yarn binges since January 2013, starting at the earliest date and moving towards the present day.

Stitches West 2013: Clearly I need to knit and spin up more from this stash enhancement. The blue Cephalopod became Southern Skies and the grey-green BMF yarn became a pair of socks. The green Cephalopod yarn is my current WIP, a Pomme de Pin. As of this writing, I'm starting on the sleeves of the sweater. The braid of Greenwood Fiberworks is also and active spinning WIP. I have one ply to go before spinning up a three ply yarn.

New Zealand yarn day 2013: I'm seeing a trend of me not knitting up my yarn binges really fast. The top step is full of gifts from Wei Siew. I did knit up the grey-blue yarn into a Robin Hoodie that I wear quite often. The bottom two skeins of Knitsch became a pair of Leyburns.

October Yarn Crawl 2013: Oh thank goodness. It looks like I do knit some of the things I buy. The left green skein was put into Beyond The Pines, the blue Tosh became a Deep Sea Wanderer, and the blue and orange skeins became Velomeisters.

Knitting Lab 2013: My excuse for this was the Canon Hand Dyes was at Knitting Lab and it isn't often one gets to choose her skeins in person. The top cake of Knitted Wit became a hat and the bottom four skeins became socks. (The leftmost 2 skeins were knit into the same socks.) Socks 1, Socks 2, and Socks 3.

Stitches West 2014: This is a really doozy. This year was the first year that I went all four days. I only bought things three days because I purposely went as everyone was closing up on the fourth day. (I had to go retrieve some samples.) The pink/purple Canon Hand Dyes is currently being knit by Tyler. I wore socks that he made me on so many knit nights in a row that I managed to convince him that I am knit worthy and deserve new socks. And the black/white skeins of Koigu have been knit up into a currently unreleased pattern.

Anzula Trunk Show: I shouldn't have gone. I knew that if I went to "just look", I'd leave with skeins. The two skeins that are marked are also in a still-to-be-released design.

I started this post as a fun way to see what I've knit up. But now having written everything out... it's a little sobering. The good news is that I have a tremendous amount of self control in all the other aspects of my life. I guess the lack of self control had to emerge somewhere. At least you can make things out of yarn.

If anyone else does a yarn binge retrospective, I'd love to see it. I'm sure I'm not alone... right?


Anonymous said...

I don't think I'd dare to do a yarn retrospective. I have a feeling you've done better than me. It also feels like I haven't knitted anything at all for the past couple of weeks, and it's sooooo frustrating!!! (There's a certain design that has been ripped and reknitted several times, in my defence).
I think you have to have one part of life where you can feel uninhibited, and for me that is yarn as well. So do not feel guilty, but enjoy! (I have certainly enjoyed looking at all your scrumptious eye candy).

Jennifer said...

Sigh... I love yarn binges! My problem is that I binge on yarn without a clear idea of what I will use the yarn for, and then I decide that I want to knit something, but I don't have the "right" yarn for it, so I buy more yarn. And then the issue becomes how do I store ALL OF MY YARN, and sadly, it all gets packed into bins where they are out of sight.

Anonymous said...

I love this! I should really do one of these too, if only for my own education. I do keep my stash up to date on Ravelry, but I suspect I knit up less of my binge purchases that I like to think...

Thank goodness that yarn (properly stored) doesn't go bad!

Alicia said...

What a great way to document things! I would not let it get you down. I actually think you've knit up quit a bit and used them for good purposes (designs). It's just so much quicker to buy a skein than use it...

Maryse said...

This definitely is a fun post!

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