Sunday, July 3, 2011

My Fourth Time

Today I donated my hair. It's the fourth time I've done it, and it feels great every time.

I'd like to encourage anyone who has been thinking donating to go ahead and do it. There are several places that accept hair donations. The last three times I've donated, I sent my hair to Locks Of Love. They require 10 inches and the wigs go primarily to sufferers of Alopecia. This time around I'll be sending my hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. They require a minimum of 8 inches of hair and send the wigs to the American Cancer Society wig banks. (There has been a little controversy with Locks of Love as of late, so I was more inspired to send my hair to Beautiful Lengths this time around)

To help make the trip to the stylist go a bit smoother, there are a few things to bring along:
1. A plastic bag to hold the cut hair.
2. Extra hair ties to tie the hair. The donation can't be accepted if it is not in a ponytail or braid.
3. A ruler. Hair salons do not tend to have rulers. It's much easier if you bring your own, just to be sure you donate the right length.
4. You might consider bringing a couple photos of possible hair styles. I've started to bring pictures of myself with short hair.


Andi said...

You look adorable with short hair! I've never been able to donate mine because I've been bleaching and dying my hair forever. I really admire the will power it takes to get your hair to the point where you can donate it.

Audry said...

It's always a bit difficult to commit to growing hair out when the weather gets hot.

AC said...

SO CUTE! I can never seem to get mine long enough for donation purposes....

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