Monday, July 25, 2011

Chief Crafting Engineer

I'm back from two weeks of camp. Man am I tired! But it was so worth it.

When the campers started to arrive, I helped out at the front of the camp. The official dress code for guiding cars: orange visibility vests and lightsabers. We were asked to make lightsaber noises while guiding cars. There was also a discussion about how we would have looked more like CalTrans workers if we didn't have the lightsabers.

At the beginning of each week we did a staff flashmob. (This video is from the second week, which was better rehearsed than the first week. I show up half way through in the back leftish corner. I don't have a blue shirt on.)

Since I wasn't cabin staff, junior staff, or anything with a particular title, I gave myself one. I was referred to as the craft engineer for most of my time at camp. I spent 5 weeks prepping the crafts, two weeks doing them with campers, and two hours cleaning it all up in the end.

I was so busy, I didn't really take any pictures of the different crafts. I did however manage to snap a picture of our lanyard setup. I remember some of those sample lanyards from when I was a brand new camper. (Which was maybe 15 years ago)

The snack shack was open during freetime. Among many yummy snacks, there were snow cones. Mmmm. Lime snow cone.


Ashleigh Pie said...

Lightsabers?! Sounds like you had a great time :-)

Ps that snowcone looks very refreshing

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