Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Sock Saga Continues

I'm still obsessing over the socks. So far I have made one that fits and one that fits Sasquatch.

I've been rather clever with the second sock. I didn't want keep the overly large sock. That would be a waste of yarn. I also didn't want to unravel it so I could compare the first sock with the second sock. And because I want it all, I chose to rewind my yarn so that I could still have a center pull ball.

I took the two socks down to my LYS (Local Yarn Store). The ladies were surprised to see my giant gauge difference. The left side is done with size 1 needle. On the right is with a size 0 needle. We puzzled over it. I think the conclusion was that I have terrible sock luck.

The second sock fits so much better. (The right sock is the Sasquatch one. The left is the better-fitting one) Only one more sock to go.


Anonymous said...

That IS odd! But whatever, it'll turn out ok in the end. You'll have gained lots of experience AND a pair of sweet socks :D

Anonymous said...

Aww, well aside from one being a little larger, it's such a pretty pattern! I love the detailing :)

AC said...

Good on you for keeping at it! It's always a bummer to unravel a sock (or anything, really).

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