Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Third Sock's A Charm

I didn't have too much knitting time at camp, but I did manage to finish up my socks. And they fit! It's a miracle. (The project has been raveled)

The Leyburn pattern is truly an excellent pattern. I was able to pick up the sock at any point and see exactly where I was in the pattern. And it was just plain old fun to knit to boot. The yarn is from Newton's Yarn Country Merino Nylon Superwash that I picked up at Stitches West in 2010. It didn't have a color associated with it.

While at camp, I heard that there was a Sasquatch in the woods. But I never saw him. If I had, I might have handed him the third sock. It was just his size.


AC said...

Too cute!! Nice work.

Anonymous said...

Those are so awesome! They turned out really well :) I am always so impressed by your work. I really have to get on Ravelry and up my knitting skills before cool weather arrives!

P.S. I love the idea of leaving giant Sasquatch-sized socks in the woods. You know those crazy people on TV who always think they see Sasquatch? If I lived near woods, I would be the craziest of those crazy people. :)

Anonymous said...

They're beautiful! Everything works. The colour, the pattern, everything. Good job, you!

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