Friday, July 29, 2011

Breezy Days and Starry Nights

I just wanted to share a few more camp memories before getting back to the usual (knitting).
The first week at camp left me with free mornings. After breakfast and the morning staff meeting, I'd sit with my book and drink one of my secret Starbucks stash. I ended reading the whole 4th Anne of Green Gables book and started the 5th. It's been a long while since I was able to enjoy the breeze, the sun spotting through the trees, and a general sense of serenity. I've incorporated a bit of reading into my routine since I've been back.

Over the first week, we had a heart display. Every day it glowed a different color, starting with a purple/black and ended on white. The last night, the heart was taken from the stage and put up in the grove where we had an intimate worship.

There was a night swim both weeks, but on the first week, I was told that two of the directors had midnight tickets to the final Harry Potter movie and were too tired to go. Jordan, who was lifeguarding, and I jumped at the chance. As soon as the swim was over, we hustled people out of the pool area. We waited for an hour in line and got excellent seats. (Take that people who waited for 12 hours) I'm going to credit the seats to Jordan, though. He spotted a pair of seats and ran up on the non-aisle side to beat out two girls. That's right. He ran up people's armrests. He then hurled his body into the seats with a smug smile that said, "Claimed!" The guys that ended up being in front of us thought it was great fun and cheered him on.


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