Thursday, July 28, 2011

Into The Briar Patch

One evening at camp, I saw a line of guys running towards the tent cabin. I, of course, did the only logical thing one can do when seeing a bunch of people sprinting in a general direction. I joined them. This was the evening John Lightfoot threw himself under the tent cabin into briars to catch a snake.

The snake was less than happy about it. He spent a good amount of time making angry hissing sounds.

I was briefly worried that John had caught a rattlesnake. I don't think he would have actually caught it if it had been. At a glance, I find that gopher snakes and rattlesnakes have similar coloring. Their markings aren't wildly different either.

With a rattlesnake, you can't always look for the rattle. It is possible for a rattlesnake to lose theirs.

I always look at the head. A gopher snake's head is more of an oval while a rattlesnake's head is more of a triangle.


Anonymous said...

Oh my word... you are so brave. I would have been the girl running in the opposite direction from everyone else and jumping into the lake so as to get away from the snake. The photos are awesome, but that's one crazy experience! :)

Audry said...

Gopher snakes always give me a start, but they are more concerned with slithering away.

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