Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Catching Bugs With My Mouth

On June 6th, I went on my first ride with my new bike. It seems like I just decided not get off. I accumulated 168miles in my first month with the bike. It would have been more, but I got a little heat sick and decided to take a week off from being outside.

This past month of biking has taught me that there are several useful items worth having with you on a ride, such as:
1. Helmet (Safety first!)
2. Lock, if you plan on stopping. When I ride out and back I leave it. No need to lug a few extra pounds.
3. Water bottle.
4. Wallet/ Cellphone/ key combo. Bonus points if your keychain includes a bike themed bottle opener.
5. Garage door opener, which would only be useful if your bike lives in the garage.
6. CHAP STICK! I'm always sad when I forget it at home. I seem to lick my lips a lot when I ride.
7. A nifty bag that attaches to your bike to hold all your nifty items.
Bonus: Sunglasses. I was wearing them when I took the picture. They are great for keeping bugs out of your eyes. Not your mouth though. And if you're like me, you forget your mouth is open and choke on a bug or two during your ride.


Anonymous said...

Yay bike riding! It's good fun, isn't it :D

I'm a rebel though, I've never cycled with a helmet. We have excellent bike paths here though, that helps.

Anonymous said...

Wow, 168 miles in one month?! That is quite impressive! What kind of bike do you have?

I found your page from I Go By Katie and I am so excited to read more of your patterns. Thanks again for sharing that cute hat!

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