Sunday, September 2, 2012

Scooter Loves Design #9

I have been the most monogamous knitter I know for the last week and a half. And it is paying off. I'm knitting the last chart for Design #9. Although each round is over 400 stitches now, so I only get about two rounds knit per episode of Magnum P.I. I hope to be binding off in less than two weeks from now.

And for those of you who follow this blog regularly, I gave Scooter a hair cut earlier in the week. So he isn't as fuzzy as he was a few posts ago. Surprisingly, the house has just been covered with even more hair than usual. I think his long hair was locking in all of the short fur underneath. I even brushed a solid, hamster-sized ball of hair off of him after his hair cut and bath. It didn't help.
And I'll give you guys all one guess as to where Scooter insists on sitting now. Hint: He doesn't care if it's being knitted on or not. 


Anonymous said...

Good for you for knitting so intensely! And yes...oddly enough baths don't help with the hair situation!

Pumpkin said...

Heehee, such a darling! Yes, my new kitty loves to do the same thing. They just don't understand the concept of deadlines! Go you, you can finish that design!

Jennifer said...

Scooter is so cute, and obviously has good taste in knitting!

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