Thursday, September 27, 2012

Coit Tower Adventure

Despite living within an hour or so of San Francisco, I really haven't explored much of it. And since it is such a large tourist destination, I thought it was rather silly that I haven't seen much of it. So that is where Mum and I headed to yesterday.
Discussing our route

Every time I have seen Coit Tower, I've said that I'd like to visit it. I didn't even know you could go inside it until last year.
I got the all important jumping picture at the backside of the tower.

You do have to pay to get to the top, but the view is unbeatable. I thought it was neat that people pushed coins through the window edges. Many country's coinage was represented.
A view of the Bay Bridge

Mum had never driven down Lombard Street, one of the windiest roads in the world, so we went ahead and did that. You also get a pretty good view of Coit Tower from Lombard Street.

After doing touristy things, we ate at the Cliff House, which is located near the ruins of the Sutro Baths. The popovers were great. We may have eaten more than we should have before our entrees showed up.

The entire time we were there, we watched the surfers. There was one guy who was distinctly better than the rest. He made surfing look so effortless. The rest of the guys out there were a bit more cautious. Mum and I were so engrossed with watching the surfers that our waiter had to get our attention to get our order.

After the Cliffhouse, we walked up the road to Louis' for some chocolate cake, which was a great way to end our day.


Pumpkin said...

You have made me miss California so much! I loved San Francisco when I was little (although not as much as San Jose). I haven't been to the tower, but I have been on the windy street (which my mother claims is still nothing to Kansas winds). Ah and now you have made me want to make popovers!

Jennifer said...

Nuts! My comment didn't go through!@

I wrote about how much I love San Francisco and am very jealous that you live so close to one of my favorite cities! Josh and I once rode a tandem bicycle up Lombard Street to Coit Tower (wow, that was HARD!) and I was TERRIFIED when we rode down - - riding down a steep windy road on the back of a tandem (where you have NO control) is scary.

Kiwiyarns said...

That's funny, I was reading an American cookbook recipe and looking at the popovers this morning. I wondered what they looked like, and here you go, there's a picture, compliments of you! I think I'll have to make some now... San Francisco looks amazing. Maybe one day I'll be able to see it for my own eyes?

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