Monday, September 17, 2012

Cast On All The Things

I think all knitters get the same urge when they finish a large project, especially if they have been monogamous with it. All of a sudden knitting three sweaters in one week seems not only possible, but completely reasonable.
This is my "Knit All The Things" pose.

This week I finished knitting and blocking design #9. So all of a sudden my mind was free to decide on my next project. Let's have a look at my ravelry queue.

Oh look, I have the yarn for my top four picks in the queue. My oh my, what shall I cast on first?
Left to Right: Handmaiden Casbah for Smaug, my handspun for Denature, Artisan NZ Merino Lace Weight for PO8 or similar scarf pattern, and Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine for Antarctic.

Actually, I was a bit disappointed with myself when my first thought was, "I need to finish my Velomeisters and Druid Mittens first." That's not you celebrate a month of monogamous knitting. You should be casting on for all the things. So today I am making it a goal to cast on two things... after I finish the second Velomeister sock.


Alina Sayre said...

Way to go, Audry! Go ahead, cast on all the things. That was a BIG monogamous project! I have a feeling this is what I'm going to be like when my novel is finally finished. Short-story mania!!

Jennifer said...

I totally relate to this! I had been so good with my monogamous knitting, and now, everyday, I think of something else I really, truly, very seriously, want to cast on for.

Congrats on finishing up the big project! I think you definitely deserve to cast on for ALL THE THINGS!

Unknown said...

What a committed knitter! I'm very rarely monogamous and I have to say it does feel kind of good when I stick with one thing for a while because it actually gets finished!

Anonymous said...

Good girl! You'll feel so much less guilty if you finish up those WIP's first.

Pumpkin said...

That is what I call discipline! Heehee, that is also by far my favorite photo of you! Congrats on finishing the super long project! The Book is getting there! Also I would have a really hard time with picking which project to start too, each yarn looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

LOL!! Go on... cast them ALL on... hehe. With the possible exception of the Smaug socks (can't see the detail) they all look like very quick gratification projects to me.

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