Friday, September 14, 2012

Biking In Santa Cruz

Mum and I have started making all our "One day we'll go" plans happen. Every other Wednesday we have been planning a trip. This past Wednesday we biked from the Santa Cruz Pier to Natural Bridges and back. It's not a long ride, but there are a bunch of things to see and the views are great. Below you can see the "To Honor Surfing" statue. It is close to the surfing museum, which is housed in a lighthouse.

I think the most epic picture I took was this one of Mum biking. I was behind her, hanging onto my bike with my non dominate hand, trying to make sure Mum was in the frame, all the while avoiding bumps and people. (Not pictured: the bumps and people I was avoiding.)

Someone had left this nifty piece of art on top of a trash can. They took an aluminum can and cut dolphins out of it. There was also a whale tail and a seaweed sculpture. But I found the dolphins the most impressive.

After biking, Mum and I headed to the end of the pier to go to the Dolphin Restaurant for cups clam chowder and a sandwich. I had the crab melt.

Mum had the open faced crab sandwich. She had said she wanted a salad, but agreed to try out the sandwich instead. (We often will share half of two meals so we can try out more of the menu.) I told her that she ended up getting the salad she had wanted. There are slices of bread under that mountain of food, so it is technically a sandwich. We were both pleased with our decisions.

And I had another wonderful day of exploring with my Mum.


Anonymous said...

It's wonderful that you're getting to do that stuff with your mum. You have great scenery where you live!

Jennifer said...

Looks like a wonderful adventure! And the food at the end looks delicious - - I bet it tasted even better after all that biking!

Pumpkin said...

Ah such a wonderful idea, just make those trips happen rather than just planning them! Mmm, and the food! I cannot wait to hear how your next trip goes!

Andi G said...

That is simply the best day! I love how you and your Mom do such wonderful things together. Props to you for your wicked talent at taking the pick of her biking. I would have crashed.

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