Thursday, December 22, 2011

Turtle Rock

For the last two evenings I've gone up to Turtle Rock in the Santa Cruz mountains. Turtle rock is an Ohlone sacred site and it is said that when the sun set through the notched rock and hit the turtle's back, the back cracked open which set the souls of people and animals free.

It is only around the winter solstice that the sun even sets between the notch in the rock. And as the sun goes through the notch, it hits Turtle Rock.

 It is only at sunset that the light hits the base of Turtle rock.

My brother was a pretty good sport and went up with me on the 21st. Before we left I asked him if he wanted to borrow a hat or mittens. He said no. But once we got there he decided that he was cold. I had been wearing that hat, but he plucked it off of my head as I took pictures. I think I'll just bring an extra hat next time.

There was a group of people up at the rock and I overheard that if you spread your fingers a finger's width apart and line up your pinky with the horizon, each finger's width represents 5 minutes. It's true. I tried it out and within five minutes of my measurement, the sun had set.

My Mum went up with me on the 22nd. I spent just as much time taking pictures as we watched the sunset. It's simply magical up there.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Those pictures are beautiful!

Alina Sayre said...

Yeah, beautiful pictures, Audry! Sounds like a neat place :)

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