Tuesday, December 27, 2011

California's Best Kept Secret

I'm going to tell you all a little secret about California. In the movies you always see people out on the beach in summer. But the best time to go is actually in the winter. 

Unless a storm is actively going through, the weather is gorgeous. And there are no crowds. None. A beach during the summer is a nightmare. It's boiling hot, no parking spots, and a bajillion people competing over patches of sand.

Scooter, Mum, and I went yesterday. I love taking Scooter to the beach. He loves the beach. When we drive up near the eucalyptus groves that edge the area, he starts making loud sniffing sounds. He knows where we are.

He makes loud whining noises. And as soon as we park, he paws at the door of his crate. It doesn't matter how fast you open that door. You are too slow.

A quick note about this picture. I'm overdressed. I would have been comfortable without the hat and sweater, but I was too lazy to walk back to the car.


Andi G said...

Ah that looks just lovely! What a wonderful little getaway.

Jennifer said...

That looks so fantastic, and I'm very envious of how few layers you are able to wear before feeling overheated!

Anonymous said...

Hey!! That's my secret!! ;-P Winter is about the only time I go to the beach. It's far too hot, sticky and crowded in summer - just like you say.

*jenn* said...

I LOVE going to the beach in the winter too! what beach do you take scooter to? im always looking for new dog friendly spots!

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