Thursday, December 8, 2011

Maybe I'm Addicted

I bought more yarn yesterday. Apparently I can't go more than 24 hours without buying a skein. Reasons it's ok that I bought more yarn:
1. It's for a test knit I promised to do. I found out that the test was being released today. I had to get yarn for it. (The test is for someone I have the pleasure of knowing in real life. Her designs are fabulous, so keep an eye out for them.)
2. It wasn't an extra trip. I had to get the one pair of needles I don't seem to own so I could knit button bands on my Oma's cardi.
3. The cardi is almost done. I can start the test knit within the next day or so.

Of course in between buying yarn on Tuesday and going to the shop on Wednesday, the one skein I was eyeing had been sold. It's even a color AND brand that doesn't sell all that quickly. It took me awhile to find an acceptable skein that I thought I could get gauge in. As well all know, my gauge is crazy loose, so I'm knitting the size small. The yarn is Heritage Silk in color 5674.


Maryse said...

Did you cast on yet? This yarn is to die for! ;-)

Jennifer said...

I would imagine that working at a yarn store would make it very difficult to resist buying yarn. I have to force myself to not look at yarn online and rarely go to my LYS, because I know that I have no willpower against buying yarn.

I have seen the calls for testing several of her socks with the Lord of the Rings inspiration and they are all fantastic. I'm not ready to try cuff-down socks, otherwise I would have volunteered to test as well.

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