Monday, October 31, 2011

The Seagulls Of Clam Beach And Other Adventures

When I last left off, I had a really strong margarita in Chico. That night I called up Justin to make sure he'd be around for a visit the next day. The next morning, Mum and I had a good breakfast at the Diamond Hotel's restaurant, Johnnie's. Then we packed up. Mum commented that she felt like she was on assignment. Then she said something that had me giggling the rest of the day. "Let's take the elevator. No need to be a hero." Like taking the stairs would have made us heros.... hahaha. (We were on the third floor, so the elevator was nice.)

When we got to the coast, we picked up Justin and visited Knitter's Lane. Neither Mum nor Justin knit, but both have been dragged to enough yarn shops to know the lingo. They spent time giggling over how the could make complete sentences using words such as dye lot and fiber content. Then they both told me to check the dye lots and fiber content. Haha, very funny guys. 
The shop is small, but well kept and the prices are good. Mum picked out yarn for her annual birthday scarf, Patons Silk Bamboo in Orchid.

Justin pointed us in the direction of a local sandwich shop called Central Sandwich. Mum had a wrap, Justin had some vegetarian sandwich, and I had the The Big Turkey, which is a BLT with additional turkey and avocado. We took our food to Clam Beach and sat in the sand eating. Turns out there are some rather aggressive seagulls that live on Clam Beach. That seagull is about a yard away from Justin, and he had to duck a few times because it swooped at him.

While I was eating, both Mum and Justin started to laugh. Why, you ask? Well, the stupid seagull (who I thought had finally left) was actually hovering six inches above my head. It had its feet outstretched and was about to land upon my head and eat the sandwich out of my hands. I shrieked and ran off, but it followed me. 

And chased me down the beach.

This happened a few times. I'd see the seagull, hide the sandwich in my sweater. When it wasn't looking I'd take a bite. But then Justin took to trying to attract it. Mum thought it was funny. Justin thought it was funny. I did not. Justin got minus points for this. (He later found my lost lens cap in the sand, so he got some plus points for that.)

Before we left, I got my "Jumping At Clam Beach" picture with Justin.
Don't worry Justin. I photoshopped out your butt crack.

We ended the visit with Justin earning a million points. He was able to go to the Natural Fiber Fair in Arcata. (I'd like to point out again that at the moment, he does not knit, crochet, or do any kind of fiber craft) He handed me a box. I thought that maybe he picked up a little roving for me. Justin did so much better. He got me two different colors of Alpaca roving, two skeins of Alpaca, two circular needles, and a cable needle. Justin is awesome. He has earned a pair of hand knit socks. I might even come up with a new design for them. He is that awesome.

After leaving Justin, Mum and I headed northwards. We passed the Trees of Mystery. They were closed, but I still like getting my "Me and Paul Bunyan" picture whenever we pass by. Me and Paul are buds. However, Paul is much, much taller than I.  Let's put that in perspective, shall we.

Much, much taller. I wasn't even next to him. I don't think I even reach his boot. On a slightly separate note, I've done the Trees of Mystery tour before. It's a fun thing to do at least once in your life.
Not pictured: The anatomical correctness of Babe the Blue Ox.


Anonymous said...

Your seagull story was so funny (even at your expense). It sounds like my sister's experience - eating a hamburger at a Sydney beach, a seagull did a stealth attack and plucked it right out of her hands! Looks like yours might have done the same had it the chance.

Isn't Justin a sweetie! He definitely earned hand-knit socks.

Anonymous said...

PS: Forgot to say I love your hoodie.

Andi G said...

Sweater looks great, especially in the action shots (your and your seagull) This post made me laugh out loud. Considering I am at work, not a good thing. :)

Anonymous said...

Seagulls are the evillest, evillest birds in the history of the world. Seriously. Right up there with pigeons.

Jumpshots yay!

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