Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hermie The Hermit Crab

In the previous post, I left off where Mum and I drove up the coast. We stopped in Brookings to meet up with my Aunt. The next day we went to Harris Beach where there are some famous rocks. 

I thought that the footprints we saw on the beach were rather interesting. My guess was initially Skunk. I got poo-pooed and the general consensus was Raccoon. Although I still don't think it's Raccoon. Any insight would be lovely.

The reason we were in Brookings was to see the negative tide, which was -1.4. It was pretty amazing. This funny looking rock is actually covered with Anemones. 

Mum gets the Eagle Eye award for spotting this guy. It was a Sea Cucumber that looked very much like a rock. I'm really happy I didn't step on him.

We stayed around the tidal pools until dusk. Mum and my Aunt chatted a bit as the light faded away.

The evening became even more magical as the lights of Brookings flicked on and twinkled across the harbor.

Our adventure doesn't end there, I'm afraid. For you see I did a bad thing. I found a bit of driftwood that I thought was funny looking and put it in my pocket and promptly forgot about it. You shouldn't take things from the beach. And in typical me fashion, I got an instant punishment. When we got back to the house, I pulled the driftwood out of my pocket and a little shell fell out a crack in the wood and into my hand. Then the shell started to scurry... across my hand. I screeched and threw the now identified hermit crab onto the bed, where he spent some time scurrying. (Quickly I might add) I felt bad about accidentally bringing the hermit crab home, so Mum took me back to the beach where we walked for 10 minutes to get back to the tidal pools. Unfortunately the tide had come in at this point and the only pool I could get Hermie into (I named him Hermie) could only be reached in the brief time between waves. So I waited for the wave to recede, ran to the pool, dumped Hermie in, and ran back. I earned wet pants for returning Hermie. But I felt like I owed it to him. It wasn't his fault he got jammed into my pocket and taken far from home.

Hermie had better live a bloody long life after all that. I hope he's ok.


A Lost Feather said...

haha aw that's so great that you drove him back home :) little hermie.. what an adventure he had.

your photos look awesome.. maybe look for skunk/raccoon prints on google? i have no idea.. the first time i ever even smelled skunk was in college hahah

Jennifer said...

What a wonderful trip! No idea what those animal tracks are (definitely a skunk!) and I hope that all goes well for Hermie.

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