Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bay Area Talent

Yesterday I went to Nine Rubies in San Mateo. It was Local Designer night. Not only is the store incredibly cute, but I felt really welcome. (Admittedly I had been a little worried that I'd be intruding or something, which is dumb.) What finally convinced me to go was that both featured designers posted to their blogs about their even and said "I'd love to meet anyone who can come out." Honestly, that helped me get over whatever weird not-sure-if-I-should-go feelings I was having.

And who were those designers? There was Carrie of Irish Girlie Knits and Hilary of The Yarniad and Citron fame. Both were incredibly friendly, chatted with me about all the designer questions I had, and posed for two pictures because I looked dumb in the first one. After talking with them I realized that all the things I've been worried about or putting off really came down to my own insecurity. I should just go for it. 
After meeting them, Dad and I went for dinner and I reviewed over what I learned. I then realized that I meant to buy a pattern from each of them because their patterns are lovely and I have a deep seated belief in supporting local artisans. But I totally forgot. The shame!

I think I might have to blame Carrie for that oversight though. She distracted me with yarn. I had never gotten to see Plucky Knitter yarn in person before and this has Cashmere. And she let me know that the blend is Plucky Knitters own mix. I got all excited about the mill work that goes into creating a blend. So there you have it. It's a good thing both designers have their patterns for sale online.
This is Primo! in the colorway Barely Birch. So pretty, so soft, and all mine.

A big thanks to my Dad for coming with me. According to Mum, it was "his turn" because she went to four yarn shops while we were on our trip. He noticed that only one other guy was there and that a yarn shop really is a women's den. However, he had a good chat with Hilary and asked questions I totally forgot to. I think he enjoyed the chat extra because she laughed at his "Possums are nature's little speedbumps" joke. 


Maryse said...

That seems like a lovely night! Looks like your dad enjoyed it ;-) Nice skein of Plucky yarn!

Jennifer said...

That's wonderful you got to chat with some designers! When I went to Sock Summit in Portland over the summer, I tried chatting with some designers that I recognized but I felt like such a doofus and never actually introduced myself. And the Plucky Knitter's yarn is gorgeous!

Alina Sayre said...

Good for you for "screwing your courage to the sticking place" and talking to some designers! You are among your own. You three look like you belong in the same picture :)

Andi G said...

That yarn even has me disracted! I have yet to have any Plucky in my yarn stash. Bravo to you for your courage, that is the mark of a true designer!

Anonymous said...

I bet your conversation with them was fascinating. I often think that if I ever see anyone 'famous' I'd probably never try to introduce myself. Too awkward. Good on you for doing it! I can imagine it took a lot of courage.

I have a skein and a bit of Plucky Knitter. A thank you gift from a friend when I helped her finish a sweater she'd got tired of knitting. It is lovely! Have fun with your yarn!

Andi G said...

Hey Audry..just saw your picture on Irish Girlie Knits blog. Too Cute!

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