Monday, November 28, 2011

Monogamous Knitting

Monogamous knitting is not something that comes easy to most knitters... Actually, I challenge you to find a knitter with only one project on the needles. I've heard they exist, but I personally think that they are as common as unicorns.

Anyways, I am giving monogamous knitting my best shot right now. I'm currently knitting the Gnarled Oak Cardigan for my Oma. Boy is it difficult resisting the temptation to cast on for a pair of socks. That's all that is on my mind while knitting the cardi. Socks, socks, socks.

I suppose it wouldn't be so bad except that I'm in the sea of stockinette. I've  finished the main portion of the cardi and am now working on sleeve #1. Once I'm done with the sleeves I'll be joining them to the yoke, which looks much more exciting.

Even when I'm not being exclusive with a pattern, I'm usually not wild with projects either. My average wip (work in progress) pile has three knits. One easy "movie watching" project, one "complex as hell" project, and an extra for when I'm upset at the other two projects.
Almost done with sleeve #1

But I'm sure we all have the, "this project doesn't count because..." pile. For me that pile usually has to do with designs. All though, at the moment I don't have any designs on the needles, which has made it more difficult to avoid being monogamous with the cardi. It would be cheating if I cast on for another project... but if it were already cast on, it wouldn't count.
The latest temptation

Anyone else being monogamous with a project at the moment?


Anonymous said...

If you pretend the sleeves are a different project than the cardigan than you have two WIP's on the needles! It makes all of that stockinette more...exciting!

Maryse said...

I currently have two projects in the work! It isn't bad right? I mean one needs a little bit of variety. The important thing is to keep it under control ;-) That colors you chose for your cardigan is very pretty! It must be nice to knit it!

Anonymous said...

i've recently realized that i've become much more of a monogamous knitter since i started designing. swatching and knitting hats (sometimes i do this to swatch patterns) don't really count for me, since they're about an hour or two of work, and other than that i pretty much have one project at a time. they're usually sweaters, so i keep a sleeve as my portable work and do the body at home.

it's also easier to be monogamous when you're a fast knitter. as my speed increases, i have less time to get bored with a project and so it usually gets finished!

Jennifer said...

I have often thought that being a monogamous knitter would be a much more efficient way to go about knitting, AND would allow projects to be finished in a more timely manner. However, I always have considerable difficulty not casting on for lots and lots of projects, despite my overflowing WIP baskets.

A Lost Feather said...

haha i think it must be the same for other kinds of artists as well.. i know i can't just focus on one thing at a time. i find it especially difficult when i'm on a deadline. deadlines make me want to make anything else other than the thing i have to make.. so i'll work on the mandatory for a little.. then a random thing.. then back to the mandatory.

i seriously am so happy that i inspired you to visit yosemite :) i loved it so much and i am so happy to know that my love for that place showed in my writing and photos.

yes.. california is definitely full of amazing places.. and i'm always down for an adventure :) now if i could just win a lifetime supply of airline tickets.. ugh that would be outrageously awesome.

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time, I was a monogamous knitter. Now that knitting is my living, it's monogamous no longer!! I suspect my typical WIP pile is very similar to yours - one design, one easy 'mindless' knit and one more challenging. Your Oma's cardigan is coming along beautifully. I love that colour!

Alina Sayre said...

Monogamous knitters...almost as rare as monogamous readers, from what I hear :)

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