Sunday, October 30, 2011

Six Days, Four Yarnshops

I'm back from my trip, and boy was it lovely. It turns out that I had access to the internet the whole time, but I chose to take an internet break. Honestly, I was so busy I didn't have time for it. In the six days I was gone I managed to visit four yarn shops and five thrift/ antique stores. Mum and I first stopped in Chico, which is where she attended college. She hadn't been back since she graduated. We walked around the campus.

We also went to Heartstrings Yarn. The building looks rather plain, but the inside. Whoa baby. It is full of everything. Yarn, roving, buttons, needles. Sigh. And Laura, who helped us, was incredibly friendly and helpful. My only complaint was that it was a wee bit difficult to find. But only beccause Chico has the most backwards street numbering system ever. There is a 1st Street and a 1st Avenue. One set is in downtown and the other set is just outside of downtown.

Here's the damage. Three skeins of Cascade yarns Eco Alpaca and the 9th volume of the Norah Gaughan Collection.

We found the most wonderful Mexican Restaurant called Tres Hombres. Everything was so fresh. We chose it based on the fact that it was pretty full even though it was a Monday night. I can recommend the fish tacos and the steak quesadillas.

And the margaritas. Unless you are driving somewhere afterwards. Then you might want water instead. (It was a powerful brew.)

And that was just the first day. I'll keep posting more bits of my trip this week. Some rather interesting things happened to me. (I seem to have comically bad luck)


Andi G said...

Ah, what a fun trip! That yarn store looks amazing. Your yarn goodies are spot on, can't wait to see what you create. Now that Margarita...hello!:)

Anonymous said...

That alpaca looks gorgeously softly and plush.

Oh dear... you sound like you had a few 'adventures' though. I shall look in to read all about them.

Just bought a new book - Custom Knits by Wendy Bernard. It's very good. Just in case you don't have it.

AC said...

Yarn crawl = automatic awesome vacation!

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