Sunday, October 23, 2011


Thanks for all the support guys. I feel so uplifted! I've been writing patterns of things I would like to wear, so I imagine that will come through.

On to more knitting news. I'll be gone for a week starting tomorrow (with questionable internet connectivity), so of course I had to start some new projects to work on while I'm away. The first is the Rocky Coast Cardigan. I preordered the book, Coastal Knits. (Which is into its second printing after being out two weeks! Congrats Alana and Hannah!) The Rocky Coast cardi was downloadable before the book was released. I meant to get going on it sooner, but at least I managed to buy yarn before the book arrived. I had bought Malabrigo Worsted in Azul Profundo, decided that it had too much green in it, and exchanged it for Bobby Blue. Much better.

I actually blocked my swatches. I don't know if I would have except I had extra yarn from the recent hat design. What do people do with their swatches once they are done? I'm kind of thinking it would eventually make a neat blanket.

I also got going on my next gift knit. I had promised Marci a pair of mittens for letting me go through some of her button collection. It took me awhile to decide how I was going to make the mittens with the yarn I had, Manos del Uruguay Maxima in the color way Arctic. I've decided on a pair Elizabeth Zimmermann mitered mittens. I am making some modifications so that I can incorporate buttons into the design. They shall be called "Zimmermitts."

Just in case I don't make it back online until next week, have a lovely week! (And if I do find an internet connection, have a lovely week anyways!)


Allyson said...

I just found Coastal Knits last night, and I'm soooo tempted to buy it! Looks gorgeous :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing out Coastal Knits to me- I somehow missed this book. I just checked it out on ravelry and I pretty much LOVE all of the patterns. This one is going on the list!

Anonymous said...

What are your policies on people selling knits made from your patterns? I messaged you on Rav, but thought you might not get on there much, so I'm stalking you down. :)

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