Sunday, September 12, 2010

We Have Landed

It took over 20 hours, but I've finally made it to Wellington. The flight from SFO to Auckland was made much more pleasant with the two glasses of wine my father and I drank during the flight. A twelve hour flight felt like a four hour one as we both passed out. I didn't even watch one in-flight movie. The flight from Auckland to Wellington was a quick hour journey.

After landing, our family friend Chris picked us up. Soon we went to his favorite cafe. The eggs benedict were excellent. There is no picture because they were that excellent. Afterwards we went to the best park in the world (which happens to be a two minute walk from the excellent eggs benedict) to swing on the flying fox. For those of you not in the know, a flying fox is a seat attached to a long wire. You hurl yourself off the platform to go swinging through the air until the wire runs out and the top bit bumps into tires.

Dad didn't want to go, but agreed to sit on the seat for a picture. Dear ole Dad.

Next we stopped by the Stansborough Mill. Unfortunately they stopped giving tours three days before we came. Fortunately, the lady who bred the Stansborough Grey sheep, the only kind in the world, gave us a quick, personal tour. She even had some test yarn for me to buy. That's right. This yarn isn't even on the market. Yarn nirvana.

We headed along the coast for a bit to take in the sights. Chris is known to choose routes based on cafes. We found one. Chocolate Dayz Cafe. Yes please.

I had a very yummy mocha. It had a little strawberry cream filled chocolate fish on the side.

After all the excitement, we headed back to Chris's place. This is the backyard. How cool is that?

I've still had time to knit a little. I've started in on my Tardis Socks. If only I had an episode of Dr. Who to watch while knitting.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun trip, wish I could have gone, too. Say hi to your dad from Gordon and Cindy!

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