Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Spotted Kiwi Spotting

The Tui is a native New Zealand bird. It has become much more common in Wellington since the last time I had visited. Chris said that this one was an older one. You can tell by the white feathers on the back of it's head.

While Dad was doing boring computer things, Chris and I went out for a bit of shopping. Chris treated me to a neat cookbook after hearing how poor a cook I am. (Although, I did make scrambled eggs in the morning, and it went well) I don't think I can mess up four ingredients as badly as some other meals.

Later on we visited the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary, which is now known as Zealandia. We got permission to come later at night to do a tour. But before we left, we had a lovely lunch.

Chris always has a knack for finding the coffee shop.

In the afternoon we visited downtown Wellington. There was some spiffy street art. I visited the yarn shop, which was very well tucked away.

Here is an abbreviated picture of the purchase. I have a sweater's worth of the Tui yarn and another ball of the Kauri yarn. Both have possum in them. There is another bit of lace yarn, but I think I left it in Chris' car.

We went back to Zealandia and tramped about in the bush for two and a half hours before finally locating a certain special little guy. We saw a spotted kiwi in the wild! When we found him, he looked as surprised to see us as we did to see him. They are much bigger than I imagined. Dad called them a giant football with feathers.

I didn't have my camera with me, so I found this picture. It is linked if you click on it.


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