Sunday, September 5, 2010

Emu Exploration

Goodbye old room. Goodbye old house. You had lots of character and plenty of memories.

I found my camera cord, so here is sneak peek of my new place. I haven't finished putting it together just yet, so I'll take a better picture once it is more presentable.

Here's the view from my front porch. Right across the field is my place of employment. In the morning, I just hop a fence (a lower one next to the high one in this picture) and cross the field. I've been keeping an eye out for Walter. He has it in for me.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon knitting in the warm breeze.

When the evening came for a visit, I started to explore.

The sky was stunning. I kept walking across the property until I reached the dividing fence.

The neighboring farm has some Emus. They were grooming themselves and largely ignoring me, which was just fine.


Marcail said...

Gorgeous dusk pictures Audrey! Lets take some pictures together sometime!! I love dusk time too.

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