Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lemon & Paeroa

After the Agrodome, I managed to convince Dad to swing by Tauranga on the way back to Auckland. Only an hour out of our way. I, of course, found a yarn shop. I ended up buying roving.

We then had a nice lunch by Mount Maunganui. When I was a child, we would stay in a lodge for a week right by the mount.

Lunch was lovely and I had a bit of chocolate cake as well. But you had to keep an eye on your food. Otherwise the little birds would be all over you.

After lunch I convinced Dad that we should walk around the mount for old time sake. It took less than an hour.

Plus the view of the sea is unrivaled.

After we left Tauranga, we drive for an hour and a half before stopping in Paeroa. I was unaware that Paeroa was well known for a soft drink, which I sampled next to the large bottle statue. The tagline on the bottle is excellent. It says, "World Famous in New Zealand."

Paeroa is also home to the scariest loo ever. When you go into the bathroom, this voice says, "The door is locked." Then some muzak is piped in. I got a round of "What the World Needs Now is Love Sweet Love." It was a little worried that the voice would start sounding like HAL and tell me I was locked in forever. No toilet needs to have that much technology.

The scenery on the way back was quite lovely. I don't think I'd care to leave.


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