Saturday, March 6, 2010

Busy Bee, That's Me

I graduate from University in less than two weeks! Hurray. So I haven't had too much time to myself. In the brief moments between school, work, and homework, I've been attempting to spin "Gnome Running Through Yosemite" I wish I had a bit more skill. I suppose that will come with time.

I've also got a little knitted fan art for an online comic I like on my needles at the moment. I hope it turns out well.

Scooter is a bit miffed that I have been a bit too busy to hang out with him. Brennan and I shaved him and washed him a few days ago. We both managed to cut him a little, so he wasn't very cooperative half way through. After we finished his two least favorite activities, he ran around like a maniac until he got sleepy. Silly guy.


Julia-Rose said...

Ooh I love that yarn! I still have my hand spindle too that I made like 8 years ago haha (barely used). It's a lot smaller than yours and I could never really get the hang of it, I just watched videos with read instructions. You inspire me to take it up again and give it another shot! Thanks, lady :)

Audry said...

I think the trick is choosing a fun colorway. It made me want to finish even though I was having a difficult time.

Julia-Rose said...

That's a good suggestion...your choice was perfect! The colors blend so well together

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