Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spinning and Sweater Licking

I bought myself a new toy today. I couldn't help it. This spindle just works so much better than my CD one. Plus, it is locally handmade. So I'm supporting local artisans. And it has a hook on the top and bottom, so I can use it as a top or bottom whole spindle. That's my justification and I'm sticking to it. And of course I had to buy some roving to go along with the spindle.

New work in progress. My mum wanted a scarf for her birthday, so a scarf she shall have.

I wouldn't make a scarf for just anyone. (I find them a bit too monotonous for my liking) This particular pattern comes from the book, Knit One Below. The pattern is called the Inside-Out Scarf. It is actually a pretty relaxing pattern. At least is was once I got past a few false starts.

Poor Scooter has been a little neglected for the past few days. I took him on a good walk this morning, but had a review session to go to later on (which took over three hours). He was spying on me while I was taking pictures.

Later on he jumped all over me trying to lick something I spilled on my sweater. Or, I assume I spilled something on my sweater because he was so insistent on licking it.


Julia-Rose said...

I hope your mom enjoys your scarf, I know I would! hehe Sweet little Scooter looks adorable in the window :)

Audry said...

I'm sure she'll like it. She chose the pattern and the yarn. It's not a surprise gift by any means.

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