Monday, March 1, 2010

Bye Bye Birthday Money, Hello Fiber Riches

I have completed New Year's Resolution #5. Learn to spin wool.

I'm going to need lots of practice. But the lovely ladies at the Serendipity Spinners booth at Stitches West got me going. They sent me off with a spindle made of two old CDs.

Without them, I would have only bought yarn. After learning the basics of spinning I ended up buying much more than I should have. My first roving purchase was from Snicklefritz Yarn Co. Who could resist a colorway named, "Gnome Running Through Yosemite"

Right next to Snicklefritz was a booth called Becoming Art. I tried to only buy one thing, but the colors were too beautiful. The roving on the left is called "Outlaws" and on the right is "Rich"

I did get some yarn while I was at Stitches. Newton Country Yarns was having a 60% off sale.

Four skeins later I rushed over to The Village Spinning & Weaving Shop's booth. (The three skeins on the left are from Village. The four on the right are from Newton) I swear I have pattern ideas for all these skeins.

I should have controlled myself a little better. But I missed Stitches last year. On a side note, the day before I went to Green Planet Yarn. They give you a discount on your birthday month. You pull a chip out of a jar and can get 20%, 40%, or 100% off. I got 40% off.

After Stitches, I went with my Mum up to Hunter's Point in Fremont Older to see the full moon rise.

A storm had recently gone through, so there were terrific clouds. Definitely a good cloud day.

Unfortunately the clouds obscured the moon. But the sunset was amazing.


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