Saturday, March 27, 2010

Law, Order and Knitting

Just a little update. I've knitted three tams this week for farmer's market. Unfortunately, I didn't see Jane. I guess this gives me more time to find a model. Anyone want to model a tam this week? I'll put you on the blog. Until then, here's what they look like sans model.

Now that I don't have school and my jobs are only part time, I've had lots of time to knit. For the past two days (maybe four... who knows at this point) I've been watching Law and Order: SVU and knitting. The Shipwreck Shawl is coming along nicely. I can feel my knitting skills improve. Today I was able to spot a mistake with the lace within ten stitches, which is much better than yesterday's, "Hmm, I have two extra stitches at the end of this round, I wonder what went wrong."

Another Scooter report for everyone. Usually Scooter goes under the bedsheets and sleeps all curled up. Today he decided that having his head outside of the covers made it easier to breathe. I managed to get a picture of his right before he noticed I had the camera and flashed an irritated "not another picture of me" look.


Julia-Rose said...

Ooh I really like that lacy white thing!

Lindsey said...


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