Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year

A New Year and a New Decade.
This past year has been much quieter than the previous year in terms of traveling. But I still did quite a bit. Here's a bit of reflection.

Five cool things that happened in 2009

Our house hosted 15 shows. Over the course of these shows we had around 48 bands come to play (although some played more than one show). Here's a little sampling of who played in no particular order: unkuT:Hunks, Love Songs, Paleo, Woman Year, Ribbons, Nat Lefkoff, BOATS!, Sterling Riot, and many others.
Sterling Riot

Brennan (my housemate) and I started drawing our daily comics on April 22nd. We've both been successfully keeping up with drawing a comic day thus far.
I do a three panel comic every day.

I participated in my first art show called Cretures of the 4est and empierrrr. I displayed 10 of my paintings. And within a month had sold 9 of them.
My Mushroom Paintings. Gauche on wood.

The Shack inhabitance (my housemates and honorary housemates) made wine for the second year in a row from the grape vine that is growing in our backyard.
All the grapes from our vine

I got to see James Kochalka perform live. He is perhaps best known for his daily comic that he has been keeping for over 10 years. American Elf.
We are Dragonpunching. (Kochalka is second from the left)

I do have a few goals for 2010.

1. Keep this blog updated.
2. Make a portfolio site for my work.
3. Have a daily comic site up.
4. Publish and sell some knitting patterns.
5. Learn how to spin wool.
6. Graduate. Find a job/ internship/ something to pay the bills.


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