Monday, January 11, 2010

Moleskine Passport

I was so inspired by HelloSandwich's post on making a Moleskine passport, that I just had to make my own.
New Zealand recently redesigned their passport. So of course I had to have a New Zealand moleskine passport.
New Zealand Moleskine Passport

I drew on my black moleskine using a fine metallic silver primacolor premier marker. Doing a draft on the moleskine with pencil didn't work, so I just freehanded it. The front of the moleskine was then covered in mod podge to keep the pen from smearing.

I found one other person who did a moleskine passport. Fake Glue on flicker did a Russian moleskine passport.


Lapin de Roo said...

I like your choice of background for the photo.

Hello Sandwich said...

ow yours is really cute too! xxx

Anonymous said...

Pretty cool idea.

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