Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jayne's Hat

Any Firefly fans out there?
Watch out. It's Daniel "Cobb"

A few years ago my housemate Daniel had me watch the entire series with him. Excellent series. So when Daniel's birthday came up I asked if he'd like me to make something. He had a little spasm when he realized I could make Jayne's hat for him.

His birthday and Christmas are within two weeks of each other, so this hat counted as both gifts. It would seem like giving one gift for both a birthday and Christmas would be cheating. Not so. I told him I bought him the yarn for his birthday and knit the hat for Christmas.

A few days after getting the hat, Daniel was listening to some sort of podcast (I forget which) and called me up when he learned that in the movie Serenity, the crashed ship on the Planet Miranda was numbered C-57D. That is the same number as a ship in Forbidden Planet. Fun little factoid.

After he told me, I asked, "Were you wearing the hat?"
Daniel: "...yes."


Katie said...

I LOVE Firefly, I have the whole series on DVD & Serenity too. I've watched them each about 100 times. I'm a Sci-Fi nerd & proud of it!

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