Monday, January 4, 2010

First Finished Object of 2010

My very first FO (finished object to all the non knitters/crocheters out there) of the new year is a companion piece to the Chameleon Mittens. I give you the Chameleon Hat.

Modeled by the ever talented Brennan

It knitted up very quickly. Although I had a mild issue with my gauge and hat to take a bit of the hat apart in order to make it deeper. The hat took a little more than one hank of Wisdom Yarns - Poems, color 473. I plan on giving the hat to my friend Upside Dan. I hope the hat fits him fine. I think it will because it fits Brennan just fine and Brennan has a big head.

Brennan is wondering when I'll finish the Raccoon Hat I promised him


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