Sunday, April 30, 2017

Iceland Sweater And First Woven Scarf

I think it is a tradition for me to finish a sweater just in time for the hot weather. I attached the last button on the last day of sweater weather we are going to have for awhile.
Pattern: Iceland from Rowan 42; Yarn: Naturally Harmony 10 Ply in color 803

I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out though. I made quite a few modifications to transform the sweater being shaped like an oversized bag to something a bit more flattering. Most of the modifications I made had to do with the ribbed body portion of the sweater; I added length and shaping. The details are more in depth on my ravelry page.

I'm also pleased to say that I have managed to complete goal #4 of this year's goal list: knitting sweater out of stash. 

I also finished my first woven project: a scarf!
Pattern: Made up by yours truly; Yarn: Little Wool Company 4-Ply 100% Pure Wool in White, Oatmeal, and Silver

Connor immediately swooped in and claimed it as his. I suppose that is fair; I claimed his first knitted scarf.

I'm really pleased to have finally finished some big projects.... but I'm already looking at what I can weave and knit next. I think it might be time to give the ole' stash a good tossing (like a salad, not to the garbage... as I explained to Connor) and see what treasures I might turn up.

Has anyone else finished something that has been on your list for a long time? And how many of you have given (or thought about giving) your stash a good tossing?


Anonymous said...

This looks so amazing, absolutely love the mods you did for this! I actually also just cast on a sweater, which certainly won't be finished before it gets too hot outside to actually wear it. Oh well, we'll be so prepared for winter :D

José said...

It looks wonderfull on you ! And Connor looks good in that scarf.

I haven't finished yet, but your post does encourage me to finally go finish my 'still light' tunic ( only two pockets and the blocking to go... )

Fiberknitche said...

I gave my stash a good tossing last summer. I got rid of all the acrylic red heart from the 90s when I learned to knit and all the fun fur and a few skeins that I knew I wasn't going to knit. It got rid of yarn that I wasn't going to knit but was adding stress by taking up space in my crowded stash bin. However, I immediately filled the space vacated by yucky yarn so I still need to work on keeping my stash at a manageable level.

Anonymous said...

You will get a lot of wear out of that sweater when your weather turns cool again. And I love that woven scarf. How wonderful that you can share your finished objects with Conor! I have been regularly tossing my stash recently, motivated by my current obsession with knitting shawls. It does remind me of what pretty yarn I have, and that I really want to knit more of it...

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