Wednesday, May 3, 2017

All My Sock Yarn... Mostly

In my last post I talked about going through my stash for the annual moth check and to see what I had. While I do have a few sweater quantities, my stash is pretty much made up of sock yarn. It is my kryptonite. I love everything about it: the color, the fact that you can get a fancy skein because it is only one, the small amount of space it takes up. Well, about the small amount of space it takes up... when you multiply "one more sock skein" a bunch of times you get this.
Self striping and variegated on the left, solids on the right

What I've learned is that I really have equal love for all colors.... but I might want to knit up some of the orange island so the other colors don't start getting jealous. Also, I think I only have one pair of socks with orange in it.

In the interest of full disclosure, this is not all of my sock yarn. After I took the first picture, I found a few more skeins squirreled away here and there. But it really is the majority of it.
I hid this bin of sin inside my yarn trunk. I was wondering where the Regia had gone off to.

What was the real purpose of going through my sock yarn? Well, while the motivation should be to make sure I am moth free (I am!), or to destash some skeins that aren't "me" anymore (I did), what I really was trying to do was figure out what I might want to weave next. I had to commandeer Connor's yarn basket so that I could have a new weaving basket. Look at all that possibility! I'm excited.
Clearly all this yarn was just waiting for me to learn a new skill so I could make them look even more attractive in finished projects

Now the question is, what will I put on the loom first?

If anyone else has gone through/ goes through their stash, I'd love to see pictures. Does anyone else have a sock skein addiction like me? Do you find that your stash leans a certain way color-wise or do you have equal love for all colors?


Maryse said...

This is impressive :) How about the rest of your stash? Have a great end of the week!

Cheryl said...

I have tons of sock yarn. Like you I love color and one skein of yarn is a great way to collect lovely yarn but now I want sweaters and am having trouble with the one skein wonders. I need to think of how I can make a sweater either several different colors of yarn.

José said...

I think your stash is quite droolworthy...
As I am currently in between jobs, I don't have a big stash.. But I can relate to the sockyarn kryptonite. I love how I can get all the wild colours without having to bother whether it looks good on me ( as opposed to sweater yarn, I would never go neon there, for instance, on socks though... )

Anonymous said...

Oh I also have such a major sock yarn addiction.. I keep in in one particular (rather big) drawer that lately has been more and more difficult to close. So it would probably be a good idea to make a little inventory as well :D Really love how your stash represents all the colours of the rainbow!

Anonymous said...

What a glorious stash! As you have had the opportunity to become personally acquainted with my stash, I will not show it on the blog. But oh yes, those lovely, single skeins of exquisitely coloured beauty... happy sigh.

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