Monday, April 24, 2017

Almost There

"Almost there" is how I feel about all of my projects. I've put time in to each, but none are quite finished just yet. Still, I'd like to share what is almost done.

I'm nearing the finish line with the Iceland Sweater. I was undecided on how long to make the welts for the body, so after doing around 60 rows of the front, I started on the back. I got a little nervous about the width. The ribbing sucked in so much that I went ahead and blocked it. No need to keep knitting if I'm going to rip it all out again. Luckily it blocked out great. Now I just need to finish the length of it before weaving in the many ends and attaching the buttons.
I tucked all the ends into the sweater when taking the picture, but there are quite a number of ends to weave in

I've been putting quite a bit of time into my new woven scarf. Connor has started playing Fallout 4, so I've been using that as my weaving time.... you know, when I haven't stolen the controller to play a little myself. (It's such a small part of the game, but I'm obsessed with collecting the magazines and displaying them on the rack at our home base.)
I'm nearing the end of the scarf and I've already learned what I would do a bit differently next time, but all in all it is a good first project. The only problem I've really run across is how to show weaving progress. It sort of looks the same as you weave.... so here is the big roll of scarf that I've woven.
It looks so small all rolled up, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to have a long scarf when I'm done

The socks are all moving along, too. The Haleakala socks (top) got put aside again because I forgot how complicated the gusset is. The test sock (right) is almost at the toe. My plain vanilla pair (bottom) is also almost at the toe. I wish some of these were second socks, but alas, they are all the first in the pair. I'm hoping that once I get one sock done, the match will knit itself.

Of course all these projects are just my yarn-related ones. I've been continuing on with my comic and figuring out how to best scan and process them for online and print. (I have no current plans to print them, but if I ever changed my mind, I don't want to rescan 160+ pages.) I've also taken a step away from the embroidery sachet/ quilt project. It all became a bit too much to maintain.

Who else has a bunch of "almost there" projects? If you love them all, how do you choose which one to work on next?


José said...

Oh wow, such lovely projects ! And your weaving looks so neat !
I have some things lingering around, here, too. Try not to sweat about finishing them, as that will probably be a downer for my mojo, so I just go for the one that speaks most of me at the time. Sometimes try to speed one up by thinking: 'right, when the tunic is finished,I can finally cast on for the shawl', Though of course in the end that might by no means prove a solution, as it will produce a new WIP... ;-)

HK said...

I love the weaving project! Could you share more about that, like how it works? It's so interesting. That loom is beautiful.

I have a couple work in progress blankets I'm crocheting. I've started making blankets for Project Linus which distributes them to children in need. I love making blankets, so it's a great project for me. I have two other in-progress blankets for the house, including my first "free-form" crochet blanket with sheep that I hope to finish eventually...

Maryse said...

For a while now, I've had just one knit at a time on the needles but I'm contemplating changing that. I especially hope to knit everything from my stash if that is possible since I knit so slowly :)

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