Monday, November 14, 2016

Sweater, Sweater, Sock, Sock, Now I've Got The Knitting Shot

I have been dreaming of knitting sweaters, especially sweaters for me. The problem I've encountered is that my weight has been all over the place because of the mystery GI problems. In the last 8 months I've lost 20 pounds (9kg), but managed to gain back almost 5 (2kg). This has left me a little unsure as to where I'll ultimately land, so making an especially fitted sweater is out. I have, however, been eyeing the Iceland pattern from Rowan 42. I even started it once way back in 2010. (That yarn turned into the Fireside Sweater instead, which fit my wrong in the shoulders and now belongs to my Mum.) The only problem is that it either looks good on you or it doesn't. I checked out many different projects on ravelry, and I'm hoping that if I can make the waist hit higher, it will look flattering on me.

Meanwhile, since Connor is remaining the same size (and also I love him), I've also been wanting to make him a sweater. Wei Siew generously gifted me 5 balls of Mythral I needed when I was in New Zealand last. I wanted to do my best to honor her by not letting the yarn sit in stash for too long. I had envisioned a Walter Mitty style sweater, but something kept me from recreating it. I just didn't like how there were cables on the arms, but none on the body. It just seemed unbalanced. But recently Christina Danaee made a sweater that looked much more like what I wanted to make. And what do you know, she was also inspired by Walter Mitty.
I very conveniently own the same magazine that she used to make the sweater

As I agonize over sweater decisions, I have been plodding along on my socks. The Concrete and Tulip socks have gone pretty well so far, but still have some decisions attached to them. I got to the top of the cuff of the first sock and realized that I might want to make the ribbing a bit longer. Also, I've never done a tubular bind off, but that might be more appropriate for these socks since they are knee-high. I haven't quite worked out what I want to do, so I went ahead and started the second sock. I think I'll knit the second sock with the adjustments I want to make. If it doesn't work out, then I only have to rip out one sock to make them match... in theory.

The Hieroglyphic Socks are also being knit at a good pace. I find doing two handed color makes my hands sore after a certain number of rounds, so I just make sure to put a few rounds into them every day. They will get done slowly and steadily.


Jennifer said...

I've dabbled in knitting the Iceland sweater before! And Connor is a lucky guy. I'm sure that sweater will be dapper on him. Beautiful socks!

my sisters knitter said...

Connor's sweater is going to be fantastic.
Sorry to hear you are still dealing with the GI issues, love. I hope it gets resolved soon. xo

Anonymous said...

That's an awful lot of weight loss for someone who is already not that large a person! I am glad you managed to put some of it back on. The Iceland sweater looks lovely and I agree with you - make it shorter or you will feel swamped. Love what you are going to do with the Mythral! It is going to look awesome in that sweater! That yarn does cables very well, and I hope he loves it as much as I love the cardi made in the Madelintosh you so kindly gave me. Looking forward to seeing your finished socks!

Maryse said...

Looks like I have a lot of catching up to do. I hope you find out soon and that you feel better. On to knitting, how about you knit a cardigan for yourself? I would love to knit one for myself. I would have to make sure it is still in fashion in 2020 lol!!! The Hieroglyphics socks are stunning!!!

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